University of British Columbia

Alpha Phi

Philanthropy Events

We do volunteer work all throughout the year, however, we have two main events where we have the opportunity to actually raise funds for our philanthropy. These events include See Wall for Sight and Anchorsplash.

See Wall for Sight - This event involves all of our members raising money through pledges and in turn we walk around the Sea Wall in Stanley Park, Vancouver. Since hosting this event is practically free, all of our proceeds can go directly towards our philanthropy!

Anchor Splash ® - The biggest philanthropy event on campus, this event is always a highlight! Every single fraternity and sorority is involved, which makes it not only fun but successful as well. Anchorsplash is held at the UBC Aquatic Centre where teams participate in relay races and synchronized swimming routines. Our members are responsible for collecting donations for our silent auction as well as bringing food and baked goods that we sell by donation. Anyone is free to come watch and entrance is by donation!