Delta Gamma

A Letter from our VP Membership

On behalf of the entire Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Gamma I am so happy to welcome you to UBC and the recruitment process! The opening of this new chapter in your life can be a little scary but it’s also so exciting. It’s a new place, new friends, and some of you are on your own for the very first time. When I joined Delta Gamma I could never have imagined all the amazing things that were in store for me!

Delta Gamma is full of the most warm, genuine, and fun girls I have ever met- seriously! Every time we get together I’m amazed at the women I’m lucky enough to call my sisters. Delta Gamma is a beautiful balance of unique individuals and a cohesive, supportive family. Our bond truly is indescribable. I have found girls who I can feel totally comfortable with in the library wearing sweats and no makeup, giggling uncontrollably because we’re so stressed out during finals, and who I’m equally comfortable with getting dolled up for a formal, dancing like no one’s watching with sky high heels and sparkly earrings.

If I could give any advice for recruitment I would say: find the chapter that makes you feel at home and comfortable. Look for the chapter that matches your personality; don’t try to match yours to them! If you find yourself not wanting to leave the room it’s always a good sign!

Love and ITB,

Amy de Souza

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