Delta Gamma

Alpha Phi Chapter at University of British Columbia

A Letter from our VP Membership


On behalf of the Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Gamma, I am beyond excited to welcome you to formal recruitment at UBC. Recruitment is not only an amazing opportunity to meet the wonderful women involved in Greek Life at UBC, but is also an opportunity for you to learn about yourself. Throughout the process, you’ll find a home that welcomes you, challenges you, and celebrates you for every one of your unique qualities. For me, that home was Delta Gamma.


Delta Gamma is constant adventure, unwavering support, all-consuming laughter, overwhelming love, and everything else in between. My Delta Gamma sisters have seen me at my lowest points, not just offering me a shoulder to cry on, but ensuring that a warm, comforting embrace would always await me when I needed it. And during my proudest moments, the moments when I felt I was truly on top of the world, my sisters were right by my side. I can say with utmost confidence that I would not be who I am today without Delta Gamma. DG’s are intensely supportive of one another, constantly pushing each other to be our best selves, while also reminding each other not to take ourselves too seriously. DG’s are the kind of women who will make you laugh until you can’t breathe and will study with you until you earn the A. We also learn from each other: our cultures, our backgrounds; each unique experience is something we celebrate. These women are my family, and through recruitment, I know that you will find your family as well. 


I have no doubt that you will find the chapter that makes you want to brag as much as I just did and that’s what makes recruitment so exciting. It can also be daunting, which is why I implore you to keep an open mind, listen to your gut, and remember just how much you have to offer. If you stay true to yourself, you’ll find the right sisterhood for you, and you will thrive. Trust the process but most importantly, trust yourself. 


Love and ITB, 

Ellie Sherman